Hi, I was wondering what happened with the whole Cameron Dallas twitter drama thing tonight about the TCA's? What did he say about Tyler?


Basically he acted really immature after not winning Male Web Star (despite the fact that he won in the Viner category) and took to twitter with a little rant about how the show is rigged and he knew he won his Viner award 6 days before the show (even though the voting wasn’t over yet) and also that’s why Tyler wasn’t ~surprised when he won his award and why he didn’t promote for people to vote for him. Also that the TCAs used the runner up Viners to promote the show because they were still asking people to vote for them or something. And it’s really just laughable when you think about it because if there’s any truth behind any of it Cameron would have already known that he lost that award ahead of time so why be so freaking butthurt about it. His tweets have since been deleted though.

AND I’d just like to point out that if they wanted to use anyone to promote the show wouldn’t it have made more sense for it to be the nominated YouTubers cause they seem to have more of a combined fanbase than the Viners, but idk maybe that’s just me.

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Love how he is so supportive to O2L he is just so sweet!!


Love how he is so supportive to O2L he is just so sweet!!

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